I met Lucas in Cologne. I had originally messaged him on couchsurfing, but I didn’t give him that much notice so I didn’t end up staying with him since he only saw my request once I was already in town. Advertisements


I met Nate in Toronto. We had been chatting on Tinder and he had mentioned that he studied in Melbourne for a while (Aussie connections!), and he seemed pretty down to earth.


I met Mitch in Seattle. His profile said he was looking for fun, but we were both tops. Actually, at first I couldn’t really believe he started chatting to me. He even said it was a shame we’re both tops – “Bummer! You’re really hot.” Me? Hot?


I met Chris in Berlin. We had begun charting on Jack’d, which I already found a little peculiar since most guys on there are Asian, but Chris? Well Chris is tall, blonde, blue eyed and well built.


I met Johnny in Vancouver. But first a little back story. So there’s this guy on Grindr who really wants to hook up with me, but the thing is – we’re both tops. He says he’ll try to find a third, and then points me toward the profile of his friend, who is also a […]


I met Robert in New York City. A beautifully muscular and sculpted torso had started chatting to me on Grindr, and slight alarm bells started going off – guys that good looking usually never even reply to me, let along message me first. The sexy torso seemed keen to meet as well which raised a […]


I met Michael in Hamburg. I was feeling a little horny, and another friend had suggested that I should visit a sauna whilst in Germany, so I decided to check one out.