I met Mateo in Hamburg. So there I am on Grindr, trying to meet someone local in the area, whether that be for a hook up or to actually get to know someone and I’m not having any luck in this city for a couple of days. I’m close to giving up, but I spot this cute guy who’s a little further away and I shoot him a message.

Of course, I don’t expect a reply, like every other message I had sent out on Grindr, but this guy actually does. It’s getting later into the evening as we start chatting, and he suggests we get together. He’s a little coy, but I invite him over to my Airbnb place.

Mateo rocks up in a nice winter Jacket, scarf and jeans. He at first doesn’t look as good as his photos (but then again, who does?), but he’s still a fairly attractive guy. He speaks with a low, gentle tone, and surprisingly, not with a German accent.

We sit on my bed (the only place there really is to sit) and start to chat. It turns out he’s from Spain, and has been in Hamburg for a few years. He quite likes the city and has picked up German as well. He asks me lots of questions about my travels and where I’m at in life and whether my name is short for anything, and yeah, we seem to connect really well.

He says he would like to kiss me, and we do, and oh man, his lips are soft and he kisses…well. Things proceed, and as I feel his body under his clothes and later remove said clothes, it’s clear Mateo is in good shape. He’s not overly muscular, but just really toned all over with very little body fat. His pecs are really nicely curved and his shoulders are well defined from his biceps and triceps. I distinctly remember he has nice penis too when we get there – a little bit bigger than mine, but just a nice shape, and that’s really not something I say often.

He blows me a bit, and then asks if I’m a top or bottom. I tell him I’m a top, and he says he’s happy to bottom, but just to start slow. I slip on a condom, lube up, and start slow. When I’m fucking him, Mateo’s eyes are almost piercing mine – he looks at me with such intensity as I move in and out of him, which is definitely different from other guys I’ve been with. I meet his gaze, kiss him, and just feel him as we fuck.

It’s…pretty amazing, but it’s also pretty late when we’re done, so he jets off after exchanging contact info. We keep in touch over the weekend – his mother from Spain is in town so we don’t see each other again, but he gives me some recommendations for where to go and what to check out in Hamburg. He also mentions he’s going around town with his mother and boyfriend, which, yes, is the first mention of boyfriend I’ve heard from him. He apologises and says he should’ve mentioned earlier. I tell him it’s alright, as long as it’s not some big secret.

We end up not being able to see each other again, but keep in touch over the next few weeks. It turns out I’m back in Hamburg for a few days before heading to Berlin, and he’s just back from Spain around that time, so we decide to meet up when our times overlap. We hadn’t talked about sex, so I assumed it would be an actual catch up where we can chat, but when the day comes, he asks where I’m staying even though I had told him I’m at a hostel, so he tells me to come over. Since he’s not supposed to have guys over in his apartment (he lives with his boyfriend), we end up going to his store room and fucking there. It’s still great – no-one’s eyes have been so intense during sex before, and he’s still a beautiful man, but when he says he probably needs to clean up afterwards before his boyfriend comes home and doesn’t have time to hang out, I feel a little disappointed and empty. Did he really just want to fuck again? From our texts, it had seemed like we were getting along well as friends, but maybe I shouldn’t have expected more than another hook up.

Whatever the case, Mateo I’m still glad I met you and formed some sort of connection during my time in Hamburg. I hope you’re able to be completely honest with your boyfriend, and I hope things work out for the two of you.


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