I met Darryl in Washington DC. I had been trying for a while to get a couchsurfing host to put me up for a couple of nights with no luck until Darryl accepts me to stay in DC. I could tell from his profile that he was gay, but there was no sign (from what I could tell) that he hosted guys just for the opportunity to hook up.

I arrive at his apartment, but he’s not home yet. He had left instructions for how to get into his place, so I make myself at home for a few minutes before he arrives.

Darryl is a muscular, smiley African-American guy – yes, he’s definitely good looking. His place is immaculately decorated – to the point that there are “display” towels, as well as ones you actually use.

We start chatting about why I’m travelling and learn a bit about each other. He mentions he enjoys having couchsurfers over, since he gets to meet new people, and tells me a couple of stories of surfers he’s hosted. He seems like a really friendly, open guy, except he can’t talk about what he does for work because, well, it’s actually classified.

As we approach bed time, he mentions that he just had a couchsurfer leave and that the sheets aren’t quite dry yet, so he can work something out so I can sleep on the couch, or that I’m welcome to sleep in his bed next to him. I don’t give this too much thought and agree to sleep in his bed. After all, that means less laundry for him, right?

As we lie in bed, parts of our leg start to touch, and neither of us retract. We both look at each other, and he leans in and kisses me. We start making out, and then get naked. After sucking each other off a bit, he asks me if I’m a top or bottom, and when I reply that I’m a top, he says he’s happy to bottom. But he also asks if I like getting rimmed. I tell him I haven’t really done it before, but can try.

So he goes to town on my ass. And yepp, it actually feels great, and I moan in pleasure. I ask him if he actually enjoys rimming guys, and he says he does, and that I have a nice ass. After he rims me a bit more, we make out some more, and then he gives me a condom. He starts by riding me, and let me tell you, the view was damn good. Darryl has pretty damn big pecs and arms, and he moans as my dick slides into his ass.

He change positions a couple of times, both cum and make out some more. Afterwards though, he becomes a bit bashful, saying that he has never done this with a couchsurfer before and doesn’t want me to feel obliged or pressured to do anything because he’s hosting me. I tell him I don’t at all, and that I wanted to, which puts him a bit at ease.

He’s out of the house pretty early the next morning, and doesn’t get back until after dinner, but when it’s bed time the next day, we’re at it again. Making out, sucking each other, him rimming me, and me fucking him, and it feels great.

I sleep in the next morning, and pack my things and leave whilst he’s at work. And I never actually see him again. We do add each other on Facebook, but don’t really keep in touch.

Darryl, I enjoyed getting to know you, and also messing around with you. Thanks for introducing me to the pleasures of being rimmed!


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