I met Arvin in Toronto. We had matched on Tinder during the period when the Toronto Blue Jays had made the playoffs, so we decide to meet at a bar that’s showing the match. He pre-warns me he’ll be pretty keenly watching the game, but since I don’t know all that much about baseball, I meet up with him there to learn a bit more.

We have a decent chat, and he gives me a bit of background on baseball in general and why people in Toronto are so excited at this point in time. He then invites me over to one of his friend’s places before they all head out to a rave. It’s an interesting bunch – mostly Asian guys, and not all the one type of Asian dude either – not a bunch of gym fit jocks, but some skinny guys and some much more feminine guys, which is actually quite unlike Arvin.

Arvin is a little shorter than me, but much stronger than I am. He has a fairly tanky build, and isn’t incredibly lean but is definitely well defined and looks good in a tank. He has a really big smile and is definitely one of the “bloke-iest” gay guys I’ve met, speaking with a deep, masculine voice, and just a bit of scruff.

We part ways as Arvin and his friends head off to the rave, but we meet up the next day and head to Toronto Island Park together. We walk around and find a quiet spot by the lake where we just sit around and chat. I learn that Arvin works a little ways out of the city and lives there during the week, and returns to his parents’ place on weekends where he has a super cute dog. He also seems to have many secret talents like crafting bracelets, singing and acting. But I also sense a hint of insecurity when he mentions he’s not really out to his work colleagues and hasn’t actually met anyone off Tinder before me.

I invite him back to where I’m staying, and as we’re just sitting there I tell him there’s no pressure to do anything, but we start making out. He asks me if I’m a top or a bottom, and when I tell him I’m a top he says he’s okay with that. He warns me that he’s pretty loud in bed, and he certainly wasn’t lying. He moans loudly in his slightly raspy deep voice as I start to fuck him and it’s incredibly hot. But just as we’re really getting into it I hear a knock on the door from the neighbour.

But perhaps a bit of back story here. I’m staying at a friend’s place, and his good friend and business partner (who I have met) lives next door. My friend is out of town for the weekend, which is why I invite Arvin back to where I’m staying.

So the good friend/business partner is knocking on the door and I’m slightly freaking out. Does she know that I’m there? Can she hear us? Is she going to tell my friend that I’m fucking at guy in his apartment? We both go silent and wait until she leaves. I explain who it is to Arvin, and then I get a message from her, asking if I’m around since she needs to pick up some stuff for our mutual friend. I tell Arvin he should probably go since I need to help my friend out.

Later that night I meet up with Arvin again at his friend’s place and as we’re chilling outside with one of his friends, we both have a good laugh about the situation. Arvin comes back with me and stays over, and wakes me up in the middle of the night for a good fuck session. Arvin’s muscular body feels great and is a pretty damn hot view when I’m fucking him on his back. This time we both actually finish, and both go back to sleep.

We part ways the next morning since we both have other plans, but I can definitely say it was a really memorable experience.

Arvin, you’re a super cool guy (and a super attractive guy to me). I hope you’re having better luck with dating in Toronto.


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