I met Liam in Bruges. We’re chatting on Grindr – he’s a bottom and I’m a top, but since I’m staying at a hostel and he’s in student accommodation and isn’t supposed to have guests over, we struggle to actually meet.

Eventually Liam mentions he really could use a distraction from his studies and invites me over, telling me to pretend like I live there and to come straight to his room. It’s a slightly risky proposition, but a proposition nonetheless, so I head on over.

After following his careful instructions, I finally make it to Liam’s room. The first thing I notice when I meet him is that he has a beautifully deep voice, and a slightly rounded but cute face with blue eyes and brown hair. He’s not super buff, but he has strong legs and a nice butt.

After a short chat we get to business pretty quickly, and Liam starts giving me head. I quickly learn that Liam in the sheets is quite different to the Liam I had just met. He’s much more submissive, really desiring my cock, talking in a slightly higher pitched voice and wanting me to take control. So I do – I get him on his knees and he blows me some more, before I bend him over and fuck him good. As I get close, he tells me he wants to come inside him (I’m wearing a condom of course), but he curiously uses the phrase “give me your babies” as I’m about to cum. It doesn’t stop me though, and he cums almost immediately after. After cleaning up we cuddle and just lie there for a bit, before I have to go.

We get together a couple days later – Liam invites me over to cuddle, and since I’m feeling a little tired I accept. We fall asleep for about an hour before we slowly wake and start making out. Liam goes down on me again – he really seems to enjoy gagging on my cock, and then asks if I want to give him head. I reply, “I’m not really into sucking dick,” to which he says, “oh my god, a pure top, so hot,” and keeps blowing me. We fuck a second time and I give it to him pretty rough and hard which he loves.

Afterwards we decide to head to the gym together. He tells me he wants super big legs like some of the bodybuilders in the gym – he finds that particularly hot. He tells me he squats every day, but uses the leg press machine, so I show him how to squat with a barbell.

We also grab some pizza afterwards and eat it overlooking one of Bruges’ beautiful canals. During our time together, I learn that Liam is from Ireland, and finds Bruges pretty lonely since almost everyone his age are students and love to party, but he’s a little socially awkward so he struggles to meet guys. He mentions he used to play rugby and once had a little more fat on him, and I sense he struggles with his self esteem a bit.

And that’s it. We leave the canal in different directions.

Liam, I hope you’re doing better and you’re working on your self esteem. A bit of confidence and being comfortable with yourself will go a long way :).


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