I met Arthur in Quebec City. We had started chatting on Grindr and whilst his English wasn’t all that good, he seemed pretty nice. Arthur invites me over to his place the next day and I of course head on over.

Arthur is a little shorter than me in person, with a decent beard and curly long hair. He’s definitely cute, and even though he’s not muscular, he has a fairly slim, sexy body. We don’t chat that much, and once we’re both sitting on his bed I put my hand on his back and we kiss.

The moment our lips touch, it’s…electric. I’ve never really had that sort of feeling before when I’ve hooked up with a guy, but with Arthur it’s pretty magical. His lips are soft and just…melds with my lips. His tongue plays with mine, and I love grabbing him by his long hair at the back of his head as we lock lips.

We start getting naked and he sucks me off for a bit. It feels great to caress the back of his head as he blows me. When he comes back up for a kiss, it’s incredibly sweet and sensual, and we prepare to fuck. He tells me to go slow and I do. He’s on his knees, and he moans softly as I enter him. As we fuck I keep my body pressed as closely to his as I can, kissing him and grabbing him by his hair gently.

We switch positions once, and it remains slow, sensual and gentle as I go in and out of him and kiss him. I then ask him what he wants to do next and he asks to masturbate together, so we sit next to each other kissing and jacking off. The whole experience is the most chemically charged hook up I’ve ever had. The entire time we just seem to connect incredibly well.

I leave shortly after, and I receive a message from Arthur saying that he wanted to tell me many things but his English is not that great. He says “I had not met someone nice like you in a long time. You were quiet and it was nice. ps: you kiss well. You are really cute”.

Arthur, that was definitely an incredibly sweet experience and I’m so glad we got together. You have set the bench impossibly high for any future hook ups, but I’m not going to complain about that :).


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