I met Moritz in Münster, Germany. I was in town to visit some friends and couldn’t see all that many guys closeby on Grindr, so I started chatting with this sort of cute guy over a kilometre away. Since I wasn’t in town for long and couldn’t be bothered to figure out the public transport, I was a little hesitant to meet up, but since I had a bit of time to kill I decided to walk over to his place.

I arrive at his apartment and the first thing I notice is how simply yet beautifully decorated his place is. There are plants scattered throughout, standing out amongst the rest of the apartment that’s mostly white and it feels so fresh.

Moritz is pretty shy in person, speaking fairly quietly and not saying too much. He has a bit of a scar on his lip, but is otherwise a fairly slim guy. We jump into his bed, start making out and get naked. He sucks me off a bit, but he’s not that large down there and we end up just jerking off together. His kiss is soft and gentle, so it’s quite a sensual hook up.

I ask him about Münster, and he tells me that it’s a university town, and it’s fairly quiet overall. He works in architecture (which explains why his place is so beautiful) and owns his apartment. He explains how it’s not that difficult to take care of the plants he has, and that he loves having that greenery in his home.

I leave his place to meet up with my friends in town, but we mention we should meet up the following day. I let him know when I’m free the next day, but unfortunately our times don’t match up and we don’t meet again.

Moritz, you’re a sweet guy. Good luck with your dating life – I hope you found someone that appreciates you.


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