I met Moritz in Münster, Germany. I was in town to visit some friends and couldn’t see all that many guys closeby on Grindr, so I started chatting with this sort of cute guy over a kilometre away. Since I wasn’t in town for long and couldn’t be bothered to figure out the public transport, […]


I met Arthur in Quebec City. We had started chatting on Grindr and whilst his English wasn’t all that good, he seemed pretty nice. Arthur invites me over to his place the next day and I of course head on over.


I met Gary in San Francisco. We matched on Tinder – I thought he was kind of cute, although a little nerdy looking so I wasn’t sure if he would be one of those awkward Asians or fobby Asians. He seemed really friendly though as we chatted, and we decide to meet up at a […]


I met Liam in Bruges. We’re chatting on Grindr – he’s a bottom and I’m a top, but since I’m staying at a hostel and he’s in student accommodation and isn’t supposed to have guests over, we struggle to actually meet.


I met Arvin in Toronto. We had matched on Tinder during the period when the Toronto Blue Jays had made the playoffs, so we decide to meet at a bar that’s showing the match. He pre-warns me he’ll be pretty keenly watching the game, but since I don’t know all that much about baseball, I […]


I met Darryl in Washington DC. I had been trying for a while to get a couchsurfing host to put me up for a couple of nights with no luck until Darryl accepts me to stay in DC. I could tell from his profile that he was gay, but there was no sign (from what I could tell) […]


I met Mateo in Hamburg. So there I am on Grindr, trying to meet someone local in the area, whether that be for a hook up or to actually get to know someone and I’m not having any luck in this city for a couple of days. I’m close to giving up, but I spot this cute […]