I met Jack on Vancouver Island. So there I am, sitting on some rocks on the beautiful coast Ucluelet, just enjoying the incredible view, when this guy seems to be walking towards me. Now keep in mind I’m kind of off the main track in a section where you kind of have to climb over and across some large […]


I met Samuel in New York City. I had sent out many couchsurfing requests for NYC, not expecting anyone to accept me – it’s NYC after all, but I hear back from one guy, Samuel, who is willing to host me, so I of course accept.


I met Dan in Reykjavik, Iceland. We started chatting on Grindr, and he definitely wasn’t the sort of guy I thought would be interested in me – tall, white, built – I couldn’t believe that he messaged me first.


I met Ray in Calgary. We were chatting on Tinder, and I admittedly thought his photos were not that great and didn’t make him seem like a particularly interesting guy, but since I was finding it difficult to meet locals in Calgary, I decided to meet up for a walk.


I met Tanner at a bar/club in New York City, but first a little back story. I’m out on my own in Hell’s Kitchen one Friday evening, and see what seems like an approachable gay couple on the streets – one caucasian and one asian guy. Psyching myself up, I just go up to them.


I met Adam in London. We had been chatting on Grindr, and he had asked me how I had found Grindr in London (since I was travelling), to which I said it was almost impossible to start a conversation with anyone here.


I met Tim in Seattle. We had matched on Tinder, which is a little surprising to me as he’s slightly younger, white, pretty cute and in shape as well (he’s a dancer) – exactly the sort of guy I never match with.