I met Jacob in Toronto. After matching on Tinder, we both expressed interest in checking out an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario, so we organise to meet up there. Advertisements


I met Mitch first in Seattle. He had sent a charm over Happn (similar to Tinder’s Superlike) and upon inspecting his profile, he seemed like a guy who isn’t pretentious and enjoys the outdoors. We chat online for a bit about travels and work histories and finally decide to meet for a coffee.


I met Marco in Berlin. It was a Tuesday night and my second night in the city, and I knew Berlin was big and diverse so I decided to check out one of the gay bars – one that was holding a karaoke evening.


I met Robert in Toronto. We had matched on Tinder and he looked pretty cute and had kept up a decent conversation – he tells me of an annual road trip he and his friends do – so we plan to meet up.


I met Caleb in NYC. I was staying in Brooklyn and stumbled across an incredibly well shaped torso on Grindr, and decided to try my luck and sent a first message. To my surprise, the headless torso replied and thus began a conversation.


I met Moritz in Münster, Germany. I was in town to visit some friends and couldn’t see all that many guys closeby on Grindr, so I started chatting with this sort of cute guy over a kilometre away. Since I wasn’t in town for long and couldn’t be bothered to figure out the public transport, […]


I met Arthur in Quebec City. We had started chatting on Grindr and whilst his English wasn’t all that good, he seemed pretty nice. Arthur invites me over to his place the next day and I of course head on over.